Welcome to The HIVE Collective

We are your Queen Bees- Heather Quaile and Jackie Piasta, both women's and gender health nurse practitioners and we have a combined 30 + years of clinical experience and expertise.

We have continued to hear in our private practices that women are still not being seen or heard in regards to their healthcare and in particular their menopause and midlife journey. We knew it was time to advocate for more women and make a larger impact than we can in our own, private, practices. As we navigated through the healthcare landscape we needed something that could empower more women that see their healthcare provider than we can care for…hence The HIVE (Health in a Virtual Environment) Collective was born! 

The JustAsk! A Menopause + Midlife Seminar Series Course

"Feeling unseen, unheard and like no one is listening to your health concerns? Were you told this is normal midlife and nothing you can do about it? This course will arm you with everything you need to talk to your provider about menopause hormone therapy and empower you to be heard!"

Are you a woman aged 35-60?

  • Interested in peri/menopause hormone and non-hormone options
  • Experiencing low libido
  • Gaining weight
  • Brain Fog
  • Not sleeping
  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
  • Mood Swings and Irritability
  • Genitourinary symptoms
  • and numerous other symptoms

then this seminar series is for you!


We have included over 2.5 hours of content as well as a robust toolbox on how to talk to your provider about your menopause and midlife concerns. 

The program includes 11 modules:

1. Getting to Know Menopause

2. Your Body in Menopause

3. Lifestyle Pearls for Midlife and Menopause

4. The Menopause Work-up: What’s important

5. Hormone Therapy + Non-Hormonal Options

6. Sexual Health in Menopause

7. Menopause & Mental health

8. Menopause & Weight

9. Menopause & Sleep

10. Menopause & Bone health

11. How to Talk About Menopause with Your Healthcare Provider

The toolbox includes: Helpful Resources and Articles for Perimenopause an Menopause,

A Q and A guide for vaginal estrogen use and Questionnaires and Rating Scales

The justASK Podcast

#justASK is a healthcare podcast that provides evidenced-based information by a multidisciplinary team of women’s health experts in order for individuals to make informed and optimal healthcare decisions and to learn and understand the issues that surround women throughout the lifespan. You can listen to us on all your favorite listening platforms.

Learn What is Inside this Program &


This seminar series is for women who are interested in understanding their menopause and help them to be armed with knowledge on the use of hormone and non hormonal therapy options. Through our midlife and menopause seminar series, podcast, and education in The HIVE Collective, you will understand exactly what you need during midlife and why it is the right and safe choice for you. We will also arm you with an arsenal of tools and information to address these concerns with your provider.

Are you ready to start feeling better...LETS GO!


Dr. Heather Quaile DNP, WHNP-BC and Jackie Piasta MSN, WHNP-BC

Dr. Heather Quaile: DNP, Chatham University, Masters of Science in Nursing, Vanderbilt University, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Fellow, ISSWSH Fellow, Women's and Gender Health Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Forensic Nurse, ASSECT Certified Sex Counselor, Owner + Founder of The SHOW Center

Jackie Piasta: Masters of Science in Nursing, Vanderbilt University, The Menopause Society Certified Practitioner, The Academy for Innovative and Preventative Medicine Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Certified Clinician, Owner + Founder of Monarch Health, LLC

Learn from two of the leading nurse practitioner experts in women's health about midlife and the menopause journey and how to empower yourself with the knowledge you need to feel your best in this next chapter of life.